Cocomira Butter Toffee Crunch

Locally crafted. Size: 105g gift box Brand: Cocomira

Hazelnut Crunch: Hazelnut Crunch is Cocomira’s signature product and best seller. With the pairing of rich caramel toffee made with local Ontario Butter, premium European milk chocolate and toasted hazelnuts and almonds, it only takes one bite to understand why this chocolate is the cornerstone of Cocomira.

Maple Crunch: Our Maple Crunch is both a homage to Canada and a celebration of the perfect pairing of dark maple syrup with European milk chocolate and toasted pecans and almonds. Maple syrup contains over 50 antioxidants so we consider Maple Crunch to be a “health food”!

Dark Chocolate Crunch: The top flavour note of our Dark Chocolate Crunch is an exquisite European chocolate. We chose a chocolate that was smooth, not-too-sweet, but never bitter. This chocolate contains over 50% cocoa mass, resulting in a complex, tart flavour note, which complements the richness of the buttery toffee, roasted pecans and almonds. After all, life is just too short to eat ordinary chocolate.

Pistachio Crunch: Made with premier pistachios, Cocomira’s Pistachio Crunch is both exotic in flavour while also being a delight to the senses. Our bright green pistachios are hand-roasted in small batches daily and gently pressed into dark, European chocolate which is layered on top of our all butter toffee.

Peppermint Crunch: Glistening shards of plum-coloured peppermint top our Peppermint Crunch. It’s Cocomira’s updated twist on a perennial favourite, inspired by the long history of the soothing after-dinner mint. It’s an elegant way to end a fine meal, with luscious buttery toffee, European dark chocolate and an all-natural topping of cool peppermint to refresh discerning palates.

Cocomira Crunch


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