At Martin Lewis Confectionery, fine chocolates, unique sweets, and organic loose leaf tea is our passion. Our Chocolatiers use only the finest chocolate from around the world and the freshest local ingredients to create our artisan selection of chocolates.  In addition to our handcrafted chocolates, we also carry an extensive selection of Walker's Chocolates and Asher's Chocolates boasting traditional flavours. Favourites such as mint smoothies, caramel with sea salt, lemon cream, nut clusters, truffles, cordial cherry, coconut cream, and many, many more!  Shop our Handcrafted Chocolates here. If you are looking for organic fair trade handcrafted chocolates, we offer those too, as well as many other fair trade and organic certified products. Custom Special Occasion Favours/Gifts for weddings, showers, events. We have hundreds of custom moulded novelty options for your special occasion and you can browse a selection here for ideas.


In 1983, Harry Walker made his dream of owning his own chocolate business come true. He opened his store front in Burlington, Ontario, where chocolates and candy were freshly made in the back. As demand for his mouth-watering chocolates increased, he and his wife, Anne, moved the candy production to a larger factory with its own small retail outlet while opening a larger flagship store in Burlington, and then two stores in Hamilton. Now in its second generation, Jennifer and David are keen to keep up the family tradition of exceptional, handmade quality and great taste that has helped make Walker’s Chocolates loved by so many.


At Asher’s Chocolates, they understand that one of life’s sweetest pleasures is a simple box of chocolates. A family-owned-and-operated business since 1892, they’ve been making fine chocolates and other classic confections for over four generations.  They also have one of the largest (and most delicious) lines of no-sugar-added chocolates. Their original family recipes began with Chester A. Asher, a Scottish farm boy from Canada, with a passion for chocolates and a knack for getting to the heart of a sugar craving. Always on the hunt for new ways to delight his customers, he was ever perfecting his creations, jotting new recipes down on bags of sugar. Today, they continue to use the freshest, purest ingredients, just as Chester did. And they never skimp on deliciousness! Though their company has expanded over the years, they continue to treat their customers and employees like family. Asher’s Chocolates are made with love. We hope you enjoy them and come back for more!


ChocoSol is a learning community social enterprise that focuses on making the ‘food of the gods’ – commonly known as cacao – into stone ground, artisanal dark chocolate. They were founded in 2004 in Oaxaca, Mexico but have been based in Toronto since 2006. Since their inception, they have remained true to the culinary traditions and inter-cultural relationships that has rooted them here and in Mexico. Their learning community social enterprise model engages in the passionate work of re-making a more ecological, just, and meaningful civil society. It is about combining learning and earning through disciplined research and creativity.

They specialize in producing and distributing stone-ground, bean-to-bar eating and drinking chocolates.  They create trans-local chocolate bars by using local ingredients from their own forest gardens in Southern Ontario such as maple sugar, chilies, mint, apple, and pumpkin seeds. Every ChocoSol product is wrapped in compostable and reusable packaging.


Delight Chocolate in Toronto combines their passion for creating beautiful chocolates with a dedication to using only the best organic and fair trade ingredients.  Every item in their shop is handmade and created with a high level of care, from start to finish.  Their love of fine food has inspired them to create chocolates that are as beautiful as they are delicious.


Zimt Chocolates is committed to going beyond your taste buds (though they definitely keep those as a top priority!). They use certified organic, vegan, and raw ingredients to craft chocolate and treats that don't taste healthy at all and yet, pack a powerful nutrient punch. Smooth chocolate bars, fudge-y macaroons and always more on the go, these treats will absolutely floor you with flavour and texture. Zimt also is dedicated to causes supporting animals, women, and kids. They even donate 1% of all sales to select organizations that support these valuable beings. How sweet is that?


The finest indulgences - your taste buds will thank you!

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